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    • Narcotics, psychotropics or stimulants;
    • Any means of earning money via the internet;
    • Illegal software, films, music, books etc., which are copyrighted;
    • Weapons (including warning, hunting, non-lethal weapons and others)
    • Services via SMS and subscription or discs with educational resources;
    • Fortune telling, divination, clairvoyance, healing, esoterics;
    • Explosives (except pyrotechnic products);
    • Medicine, prescription drugs;
    • Medicine or traditional medicines where the images to which are repulsive or of an unnecessarily physiological nature;
    • Medical services associated with abortion;
    • Containing vulgar language;
    • Of a nature offensive to any group of people, i.e., relating to religion, nationality, physical appearance or other characteristics;
    • Containing calls inciting extremism or violation of public order;
    • Promoting cruelty, intolerance, violence and suicide.