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What digital reality does the media live in?

  • Social networks, messengers and aggregators lure the audience away. The source of new traffic and monetization is one player monopolizing the market.

  • Algorithms should help users find relevant content, but choke the media space with clickbait instead.

  • The media has to consider about survival more than increasing their audience and profits.

Giraff.io is the new monetization tool/feature to help bringing your visitors back to your website

What is Giraff.io?

  • You can place widget anywhere on your website.
  • Giraff.io recommends your best content, shows articles from other websites or advertisements.
  • You can choose the ratio for displaying advertisement and content in the widget as your goal.

How much money are you losing now because of ad blockers?

Giraff.io works even if Ad Block is on. You always manage your traffic and gain maximum profits.

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How does Giraff.io help to improve your website?

Giraff.io applies deep data analysis and machine learning technologies. Your periodical needn't develop and introduce them on its own. We have already done everything for you.

  • Personal recommendations

    Giraff.io studies interesting in each visitor with using Deep Data Analysis technologies to recommend the related content to visitor.

  • Visitor attention

    Giraff.io is continuously improving with machine learning algorithms. So the longer our widgets work on your website, the better recommendations.

    Visitors stay longer on your website and want to return.

  • Relevant traffic

    You will be able to exchange traffic with top websites in Thailand

    You can get a high-quality traffic and new visitors who have chance to be a permanent visitor.

  • Results analysis

    Editorial tool and marketing analytics help to improve your website.

    You can know/learn what do your visitors really like, how do they interact with your articles and which content that they share.

  • Profits growth

    Giraff.io widget can be adjusted to show advetisements, this will help you to boost revenue from your website.

    We make our payments regularly, with no delays.

  • Promote your content

    Promote your important content, by pinning it in Giraff.io widget.

    Website visitor will see advertisement while Adblock is on.

How does it work?

Widget showcase
  • widget

    For smartphones

    Giraff.io widgets are correctly displayed on all devices, also work on turbo pages and Google AMP.
  • widget

    Desktop version

    You can choose the predefined design for your widgets: our developers will offer the most effecient widget for your website.

Your own design

If you need a custom widget that fits better into your website design, we will develop it for free.

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Over 500 media sources work with us all over the world

  • 600 millionsDaily recommendation
  • Increase 22%The average amount of additional page views per system
  • Over 500 media sourcesWebsites in Thailand and all over the world use Giraff.io

How to start

  • Send an access request

    Fill out an application
  • Log in to your account

  • Install a two-part code onto your website

  • Giraff.io shows publisher's content and advertisements

  • Improve your website and earn more

How do they say about Giraff.io?

  • undub-zapp

    Giraff.io is friendly users.

    Moreover, their content recommendation engine can be mixed by ads., our own content, and content from other websites. Perfect combination! Display ads. to earn revenue, display own content to make more engagement, and exchange traffic by displaying content from other websites.

    Last, editorial performance feature help me to analyze performance by each content and each author. That’s make me have a direction to improve when I create contents in the future.

Giraff.io will help you reach the largest audience in Thailand.

Exchange traffic and get new readers free-of charge!

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