Can I connect my website to the platform?

Any content website breaching no laws of the Russian Federation and having at least 5,000 unique visitors a day can join Giraff.io.

What websites do you work with?

The websites we work with:

  • do not use traffic cheats,
  • do not contain adult content,
  • do not breach the laws of the Russian Federation.

Among our partners there are both large projects ("The Ekho Moskvy", "Snob", Vesti.Ru, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Fishki.net, etc.) and small platforms of various thematics

Is your platform free-of-charge?

Yes, certainly.

What codes should I integrate at my website?

Joining Giraff.io as a publisher is really simple:

  • your personal manager provides you with a pixel that you integrate into all the pages of your website;
  • our professionals adjust the settings and create the widget;
  • you integrate the code to show the widget in a certain area of your website.

How can I create a widget? Do you have any examples of the most efficient widgets?

We will do everything for you. It greatly simplifies integration and quickly helps to create a widget that will answer all your wishes and will seamlessly fit into your website.

Can I post previews of my content in the widget?

Yes, you can promote any content of your website by posting it in the widget in order to draw attention to it and attract additional audience.

How much will I earn with Giraff.io?

You will maximize your income: thanks to ML (machine learning), our system chooses and displays the content which is of maximal interest for your audience and provides best monetization possible for your website. In order to maximize earning, it is crucial to place the widget for you visitors to see it at once - for instance, just below the article.

Is traffic exchange free-of-charge? Can I set exchange with a ratio?

Traffic exchange is free-of-charge. In some cases you may get more click-throughs than you give. For further details, contact you personal manager.

Is it a must to have ads in the widget?

Advertising will be displayed only if you want to earn using Giraff.io, or to exchange traffic with a multiplier coefficient.

Will your widget show up at the mobile version of the website?

Sure. We make adaptive widgets which are displayed correctly on any devices.

Can I install a widget at AMP and turbo pages?

Yes, you can, and it significantly boosts your income. Giraff.io got approval from Google and can be used at AMPs. Besides, our widgets can be also places at turbo pages via Adfox. We will do it for you, providing help and advice.

Where can I see widget working statistics?

To check our widgets efficiency, see the following sections. Detailed real-time statistics helps to monitor page views, clicks and widget CTR together with your profits.

What tags should I have on my website in order to ensure correct functioning of the widget?

To define the article parameters, we use Open Graph protocol tags.

Take the following tags from <html><head>:

  • the title of the article: <meta property="og:title" content="the title of the article">
  • the picture of the article: <meta property="og:image" content="http://example.com/ogp.jpg">
  • the author of the article: <meta property="article:author" content="AUTHOR-NAME">
  • publication date: <meta property="article:published_time" content="2018-07-04T11:24:13">
  • publication "expiration" date: <meta property="article:expiration_time" content="2018-07-04T11:24:13">(If the publication expiration date is stated, then the publication teasers will not be created/posted)
  • preview/description: <meta property="og:description" content="here you can put a short description of the article">
  • here we set the canonical url for the article: <link rel="canonical" href="http://yoursite.ru/statya1">.

Can I buy advertising from Giraff.io?

Yes, you can. Contact us (support@giraff.io) and learn how to do it..